You have reached the internet home of Newark United Pentecostal Church, located in Newark, Delaware.  We are a diverse international apostolic pentecostal congregation of approximately 300 members living in the Greater New Castle County, Delaware area. We represent over a dozen nations of origin from the regions of North and South America, Central America and the Caribbean, Africa, the Middle East and Asia including Brazil, several Caribbean islands, Columbia, Congo, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Liberia, India, Iran, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico, Uganda, and the United States, along with multiple languages including English, Spanish, and American Sign Language. All are welcome and we are committed to “making disciples of all.”  We welcome you to join us in worship and learning and service.


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The Work of the Scriptures

Posted on 25 Sep 2016, Pastor: Steven J. Beardsley

The Holy Spirit: Provision in a Time of Loss

Posted on 25 Sep 2016, Pastor: Steven J. Beardsley

Genesis: The Story of Beginnings, Part 30

Posted on 21 Sep 2016, Pastor: Steven J. Beardsley

Always Be Ready

Posted on 18 Sep 2016, Pastor: Steven J. Beardsley

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