Lela G. Cooper

t: 302-738-7899 ext. 701

Lela Cooper is the Executive Pastor at Newark United Pentecostal Church. Born and raised in Washington, D.C., Lela relocated to Wilmington, Delaware in 1994. Immediately following her move, she attended a home bible study and her quest for truth began. In March of 1995, she was baptized in Jesus’ name and filled with the Holy Spirit and thus became a member of the church – joining the Newark congregation. She was active in evangelism and learning from the very beginning. As a single-mom, she gave birth to a daughter, Crystina, in October of 1995. In 1999 she began her ministry as a Teen Teacher and continues to do so until this day. Since then, she has supported the body of Christ in many roles including Youth and Worship Leader, Teacher and Special Events Coordinator. In 2003, Lela married Arthur Cooper who had two children, Anitra and Arthur Jr. To their union Amani Cooper was born in 2005. Having juggled family, church and work for almost 19 years, Lela left her secular job to support the church full-time in June of 2014.

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